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martedì, 10 gennaio 2006

The First Place

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… This is the first post dedicated to the historic circuit of Ospedaletti, i hope we can help the peoples interested to reach news and other stuff about this Circuit, and … make a dream for a next opening!!! Please send us news and information.. stay tuned! 

Luca Vieri 10/01/2006

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  1. Barry Boor UNITED KINGDOM

    I have a video, taken by myself in 2000 of the entire circuit as it is now. I walked around and then was driven around, videoing as I went.

    To me, this was a magnificent circuit and a genuine rival to Monaco just down the coast.

    If only Ospedaletti had had a casino and Monaco hadn’t……

  2. Thanks Barry for your great idea about the video.. have you got a digital version for upload? luke

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